Mobile friendly is important.

What is a responsive website?

Whilst in the past seen as more of a luxury, responsive design is now essential, with upwards of 70% of website visitors using a mobile device.

Responsive websites adapt to the user’s device. For example, users on a mobile phone will see a different page layout to a user on a large desktop computer.

Why is a responsive website necessary?

Statistically, a large percentage of users will leave the page almost instantly if the content displayed is not optimised for their screen.

It is essential to offer a consistent user experience across all devices, or you could be missing out on a huge amount of potential business.

Google's mobile-first index.

What’s more, Google are starting to index websites in their search engine results based on the mobile version of a website.

Poorly optimised sites could take a hit to their ranking in the search results.

Websites for all screens.

Our websites are optimised for all devices.

We design for mobile devices first, working up to larger screens. This is becoming an increasingly popular method, as it ensures functionality across the board.

We run extensive tests on our sites prior to deployment, ensuring everything is pixel perfect.

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