Planning the project.

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Before we jump into designing, it's important to get organised and set out a plan of action.

We start by developing an understanding of your business, your brand image and what you want to achieve with your new website.

Whether you would like to increase revenue or grow brand awareness, it is important to clearly define your goals at this early stage.


A targeted approach.

It’s vital to create a detailed picture of the type of people you want to contact and interact with.

With your audience defined, we establish precisely what action we want them to take when visiting your website.

Tailored to your business.

Everything we do from this point onward will be tailored to your brand and created with your target audience in mind.

With everybody on the same page, we can work together efficiently and maximise our results.

The design process.


Before any graphical design work begins, we construct a sitemap of the new website. A sitemap is a visual representation of the structure of the website pages, and the relationships the pages will have with each other. This enables us to visualise the path the user will take through the site.


The next step in the design process is to create a sketch called a wireframe, indicating the website layout to be developed. The finished wireframe will give you an idea of the page structure we have in mind for the finished product, and how your content will flow.


All websites require high quality content to be effective. If you already have website copy and images, we’ll work with you to ensure they’re optimised for our target audience. We can provide assistance with content creation, with copywriting and photography services available if required.

Typography and colour.

Use of good quality fonts and colour scheme is an essential part of creating a professional website. We’ll select a set of typography and colours to truly represent your brand and identity.


Utilising industry standard software, we create a fully interactive prototype for you to review. This method is advantageous as it enables us to quickly and easily make amendments prior to the start of the development process.

Review and sign-off.

Before continuing, we will make as many amendments to the design as you require. Once you’re pleased with the design, we move on to the development stage.

Designs for all screens and devices.

Mobile first design.

We design our websites for mobile screens first. This ensures an optimal user experience across all devices.

Designing in this way is becoming increasingly important as an increasing number of interest users are on mobile devices.

You can read more about our responsive and mobile websites here.

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